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? ( cheers and applause ) of course, on the other side, governor mitt romney broke the bad news to his supporters before reluctantly being asked to pose for his family's yearly christmas card. ( laughter ). that is a good-looking bunch. it's like they-- the people that came in the frames. across the nation, the people spoke, legalizing gay marriage in maine and maryland. legalizing marijuana in washington state, and colorado-- ( cheers and applause ) gay marriage... nothing. ( laughter ). marijuana... bat ( bleep ) crazy. they also legal ides dancing in that town in "footloose." i probably should have looked that up. wisconsin elected tammy baldwin the first openly lesbian senator. sorry, lindsay graham. yeah. you missed the lindsay graham joke. it was a pretty good one. ( laughter ). perhaps the best news was in florida. after months of republican governor rick scott attempting to suppress democratic voter turnout, and attempting to decrease voter discomfort and my favorite introducing a 10-page novelette state ballot to people who couldn't handle a ( bleep ) one-page ballot. florida
. the american people have spoken. mitt romney ran on two big ideas in this campaign. cut the taxes and reveal our obama care. he lost. those ideas lost. but they didn't learn a thing. joining me now is congressman keith ellison, democrat for minnesota. he's co-chair of the progressive caucus. and former pennsylvania governor ed rendell, now an nchl bc news political analyst. thank you both for joining me tonight. >> glad to be here, al. >> good to be here. >> congressman, let me start with you. what is your are reaction to speaker boehner's claim that the health care law should be on the table in these debt talks? >> well, it's ridiculous. there's been a national mandate to keep the health care law. he said that he was going to repeal it on day one and everybody in america knew it. so what is speaker john boehner talking about? here's the thing. we always knew it was going to be a tough fight. i think the american people need to step up and remind the republicans what they said in the campaign. and that means that the election is one thing but active citizenship is another and these guys are
clinton stacking up against tag romney? (laughter) more importantly, will tag be able to ward off a last-ditch challenge by mitt romney? (laughter) oh, he's running. and as america's premier news reader, it's my duty to stay way way ahead of these races. that's why tonight i am proud to launch my coverage of election: 2072, race to the white or. (cheers and applause) brought to you by virtual olive garden. (laughter) when you're technically not here you're family. (laughter) now, so far, in 2072 looks like it's going to be a matchup between robocheney versus a swarm of sentient nano hornets. those nano hornets are going to be tough to beat, folks, because i hear this weekend they were swarming an iowa pancake breakfast. (laughter) and like my colleagues all across cable news, i will stay on this story before it ever happens. (laughter) now, folks, the if i pass judgment like i passed kidney stones it's going to hurt like hell and you'll be walking funny. this is tip of the hat, wag of the finger. (cheers and applause) first up, folks, happy duali which i'm sure i don't have to tell you i
that people voted for obama over romney was that they were concerned about climate change and they felt he was a better candidate on climate change. we had a terrible, terrible candidate on climate change and we had a candidate on climate change who needs a lot of pressure. so i feel more optimistic than i did in 2008 because in 2008 the attitude of the environmental movement was our guy just got in and we need to support him and he's going to give us the legislation that we want and we'll take his advice and we're going to be good little soldiers and now maybe i'm being overly optimistic, but i think people learn the lesson of the past four years and people now understand that what obama needs and what we need, forget what obama needs is a real independent movement with climate change at its center and it will put pressure the entire political class and there's no waiting around for obama to do it for you. >> why would you think that the next four years of a lame duck president would be more successful from your standpoint than the first four years when he's looking for reelection? >> wel
netanyahu was it didn't matter that netanyahu backed romney. all of that time wasted, all of that money wasted perhaps. speaking today with netanyahu. >> president obama asked me to come to israel with a very clear message. america's commitment to israel's security is rock solid and unwavering. that's why we believe it is essential to de-escalate the situation. the rocket attacks from terrorist organizations inside gaza on israeli cities and towns must end and a broader calm restored. >> so you hear hillary clinton there. israel saying some of the conditions that they want out of this cease fire would be having no more rockets fired out of gaza. soldiers patrolling the frontier would, in fact, not be attacked. weapons, stockpiles wouldn't be replenished. it seems like a tall order. it is something that israel has agreed to. as we saw the bombing today it hasn't happened yet. we're going to be joined by tim mack a defense reporter for politico. tim, thanks for coming on to the show. you know, i want to ask
obama, so they're blaming that liberal romney. that northeastern liberal crowd. texas senator-elect ted cruz is crueler still. he accuses romney of going out there and french kissing obama. yes, they're blaming romney now. they were blaming chris christie for working with obama during hurricane sandy. now they're blaming romney for dancing with him through the election. get it? the strict orthodox side of the republican party are blaming the candidate himself for giving away their virtue. ed rendell is the former governor of pennsylvania, and msnbc political analyst. matt kibbe is the president of freedomworks. governor and matt, this is the most unusual pairing i've ever been part of, you and matt kibbe, you and the man of the northeast establishment, a moderate governor of pennsylvania. here is matt railing at the ramparts against all you represent. this should be interesting. the right fights back. since the election a lot of republicans' soul searching has focused on the need to broaden the political base of the republican party. fiscal and social conservatives are saying that's the
romney. all that time wasted, all that money wasted, perhaps but he still has america at his back. here is hillary clinton. >> president obama asked me to come to israel with a very clear message. america's commitment to israel's security is rock solid and unwavering. that's why we believe it is essential to de-escalate the situation in gaza. the rocket attacks inside gaza on israeli cities and towns must end, and a broader calm restored restored. >> so you hear hillary clinton there, israel saying some of the conditions they want out of this cease-fire is no more rockets fired out of gaza, soldiers patrolling the frontier would not attack and weapons stock pile would not be relen replenished. as we saw the bombing today it hasn't happened yet. we'll be joined by tim mack, a defense reporter for politico. thank you for coming on to the show. i want to is ask you tim is president obama, he's oversea overseeing all this. is he doing a good job? are we able to judge whether his job, even sending clinton from afar, has done the right thing? >> we know that the president has been involved i
in the run up to the election, one of the most famous of the mitt romney's going to win in a landslide people has decided now to turn to new data. data about a problem that does not exist. the process of publicly failing up continues. that story is next. [ bell ringing ] ♪ in a world where ♪ there is so much to see ♪ there's still no other place ♪ that i would rather, rather ♪ rather, rather be ♪ [ male announcer ] dip into sabra hummus and discover a little taste of the world. enjoy sabra dips. adventure awaits. >>> welcome to post election 2012 america. discredited and disqualified are totally unrelated. that's next. bob, these projections... they're... optimistic. productivity up, costs down, time to market reduced... those are good things. upstairs, they will see fantasy. not fantasy... logistics. ups came in, analyzed our supply chain, inventory systems... ups? ups. not fantasy? who would have thought? i did. we did, bob. we did. got it. try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable,
to show you a tape from deny senior on "morning joe," a foreign adviser to mitt romney. he took on mitt romney critics have been filing on him. >> tens of thousands of people, you could hear the top ten surrogates at the event. i'm backstage with some of them, i won't mention their names but talking about romney like he's reagan. you know, the debate performances were the best debate performance of any republican nominee in presidential history. this guy was iconic. they were talking about him, because they believed he was going to win in four, five days. in fact, some of them were talking about transition to position itself for a romney cabinet. >> first to jump -- >> i won't say who they are. they were on television, the body was -- unbelievable. five, six days later. absolutely eviscerating him. >> there you go, it's calling being two-faced. it has to do -- people at headquarters, they show up at election night, unless the guy or woman loses and they get excited about the guy near election night because they want a job. they want something. they want to be loved by the winner. then t
. >> page 14, that is mitt romney. >> that's a strange picture of mitt. here's mitt romney. not strange. i don't know. >> didn't he get the low sock memo of the early 2000s? >> he's very leggy. >> chasing him around. >> okay. >> what else do we have in news? >> we have the economy. we'll begin there now at 4 past the hour. >> we're going to keep reading the post. go ahead. >> the markets look to rebound after stocks finished relatively flat yesterday following a new warning from the central bank about the fiscal cliff. speaking to the economic club of new york, fed chair ben bernanke urged lawmakers to reach a deal to avoid the automatic spending cuts and tax increases. he said going over the fiscal cliff would pose a substantial risk to the economy. according to a new study the fiscal cliff could give 90% of americans new tax bills when the bush tax rates and some by president obama would both end. the working poor would be among the hardest hit. a tax policy center analysis showed a married couple making about $30,000 a year would on average go from receiving a $15 tax credit to owing $1
between romney and obama was over this precise issue. should taxes be raised on the wealthy? and the public said yes. >> eliot: in fact the president said that at his press conference. this is what the public thought it was voting on. this is what the public sent me back to do. therefore, there is if not a mandate across a range of other issues, on this. very quickly the issue of whether or not you limit deductions versus increasing the marginal rates is. it mathematically and realistically possible to get the revenue we need by limiting the deductions that are possible to limit? >> as a practical matter, it's not. don't just take my word for it. the independent tax policy center, other independent groups, the congressional policy group, the congressional budget office, everybody looking at this says just by limiting deductions for the wealthy you can't get anywhere near the $1.6 trillion that the president justifiably says does need to be raised in additional revenues. if you made the tax on capital gains equ
. the entitlement society. i thought mitt romney told the truth the other day in a conference call with his donors when he talked about president obama giving stuff to his supporters. what say you? >> well, look, that's small stuff, i think, it's completely undeniable that the democrats are the party of the entitlement state after all, what is the greatest achievement of obama's first term? obamacare. obamacare is premised on the right to health care. this is the largest new entitlement in 50 years. it's one sixth of the u.s. economy. it's health care, which is the most intimate sort of social relationship any one, any parent, any child can have. and it's been essentially nationalized. and the democrats proudly said, we've done this because we're the only industrialized country not to have guaranteed health insurance. so no one can deny that the ideal of the democratic party is to increase entitlements. it's just made the biggest leap in half a century. and that it is a social democratic model on the european scale and taking us away from the traditional american model of more risk, more initiati
. 1,000%. the capitalists and the romney reagan ryan, all of that -- he didn't get to his complaint because he dropped the "f" bomb on me. he dropped a bomb on me. >> did you get that current? >> stephanie: thank you for that gift. mike in los angeles. you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi mike. >> caller: hi, stephanie. >> stephanie: go ahead. >> caller: i'm hooked on you guys. >> stephanie: i'm hooked on you. >> caller: i love the way jim does reince priebus. >> reince priebus! >> caller: say, i wanted to ask you, you recall romney saying that obama made the recession worse during the campaign. >> stephanie: who said that? >> caller: romney. why didn't obama mention well the stock market is higher than it's ever been under me. >> stephanie: corporate profits at an all-time high. >> caller: exactly. he made it so worse but then big business didn't back him. >> stephanie: absolutely. mike, i was distracted because i love a man who starts a sentence with say. i don't know why. it is old-fashioned
, too. as for the republicans the most vocal about moving past the party's mitt romney moment, well, they got an earful from one of romney's former campaign advisers on "morning joe" today. take a listen. >> watching the republican officials now, trashing mitt romney, everyone's going out trashing -- >> i agree with you. >> it is stunning. some of them talking to our tradition to position themselves for romney cabinet. five, six, days later, absolutely eviscerating him. >> all right. you know? in one day, you're out the next. you know? i think heidi clklum says it be on "operation runway." want to bring in our guests. okay, gang. good to have you all here. martin, i start with you because as we heard there there were certain governors and republicans who have come out against mitt romney to fight back against certain comments that he made during that phone call to supporters like bobby jindal, susanna martinez and basically doubling down on the 47% comments behind closed doors and then convince everybody he's for the 100% but now the bloom is off the rose sort to speak. what can the
romney received a small percentage of latino and asian voters, much less than george w. bush received it's often noted, and many have said his views on immigration and conservativism's approach to immigration generally were to blame for the gop's poor showing this time around. it's worth noting, i think, that romney tried to appeal in some respects to all factions, all conservative factions on immigration. he repeatedly said that he was in favor of more legal immigration emphasizing legal, but also particularly during the primary season he took a harder line on the question of illegal immigration. what we at aei have decided to do in the wake of this election is convene a thoughtful panel of folks to discuss conservatives and immigration reform. now, i should note that this is the american enterprise institute for public policy research, it is not the institute for figuring out how to get conservatives elected or how to get republicans elected. we're interested in finding the right solutions to pick policy problems and issues -- public policy problems and issues. so i ask the panel to no
the blue states up here, he's the president of all of them now? romney won all that red stuff. why don't we elect our president on square footage, because romney won some big states, folks, whole damn south. louisiana, n'awlins loves mi-rawmnah. but, but, evidently, here's the deal. of the nine key swing states, balm won eight. i don't-- i mean how-- even pennsylvania. despite the fact that after a week of hurricane sandy, thousands of amish remain without power. ( applause ) anyway, anyway, obama won. america is done. it's over! jimmy, roll the credits. ♪ ♪ ( "america the beautiful beauti) ( cheers and applause ) i'll tell you, folks, there's a simple reason why america is over. because last night's election wasn't decided by real americans. >> it's a changing country. the demographics are changing. it's not a traditional america anymore. and there are 50% of the voting public who want stuff. ( laughter ) they want things. and who is going to give them things? president obama. the white establishment is now the minority. >> stephen: yes, traditional america is no more, okay. that's a
. and republican donors, you guessed it, also mad at christie. a top romney aid described him as furious. but chris christie knows exactly what he is doing. does the name george allen ring a bell? once upon a time and not all that long ago, he was going to be president. virginia's george allen. he was the son of a hall of fame nfl coach and after serving as class president at the university of virginia, allen served in the virginia house of delegates as a congressman, as a governor and as united states senator. in december of 2005 shs the senator prepared for his reelection race, the insiders poll asked 100 republican politicians and consultants, who had the best chance of winning the party's nomination in 2008? the insiders picked allen as number one. number one. at the time they said of the former football player, allen knows the perils of looking upfield and it will raise eyebrows. george allen did not have an impressive win. he did not win at all. he lost because he said some kind of dumb, kind of racist things. but he also lost because virginia became democratic. in '04 bush won by 8 points. i
frankly since mitt romney lost the election. >> real quickly, though. i want to get back to general allen. as we said, he is back on the job back in kabul. he took time off and was in washington, d.c., when all of this broke because he was up for a promotion. that's been waylaid for now. the intelligence committee still investigating his conduct, but he is back in place in kabul. what does that suggest to you and how much of a wide berth are they going to get in this investigation considering the fact that he's running the afghan war? >> i suspect he's going to continue to do so. at the end of the day, the real question was, was there any real disclosure, was there any real harm here. and at this point, it seems that there was not. he is doing exactly what it is that the president wants him to do, and so i think they sent him back. he was looking far promotion to go to europe. i don't think that's going to happen because of the political elements here. but your first reference to this investigation of what the bureau was doing early on, once you found that there really was no disclosures
they have somebody, but the semantics are the speaker is echoing mitt romney's comments about raising revenues. but the union folks are saying, we want to raise tax rates. big difference. >> i don't know if they can get that through. eighty-seven members of congress reelected two years here with a solemn promise that they're not going to vote for any kind of tax increase. get them to vote for some kind of major tax rate increase. a just and see how you can do it >> it's an argument that you would think somebody in the math department would be held to figure out because republicans say the lower raes and revenues go up. we have history to show that. democrats say the opposite. >> and you stimulate your economy. if you raise rates anddon't cut expenditures, what you are doing is making the fiscal problem that much worse. raising rates is aonetime revenue grab. expenditures is a long-term reduction in. and the reality is, wehave to do a lot more of expenditure reduction than we do increases in revenue. tom: do you think that the democrats and specifically the president would go along wit
job. they say the governor's praise of the president hurt mitt romney's chances on election day. romney -- >> wait. wait. wait. helping people through a storm is a bad political move? is that what they're saying? >> who are these? are these undisclosed names or people speaking out? all right. well, they're talking about data showing a high number of undecided voters who chose president obama at the last minute citing his handling of sandy as the major reason. >> congressman allen west of florida is admitting the song is over. the tea party republican conceded to his democratic challenge er patrick murphy aft two weeks of recounts and accusation saying the vote was unfair. west released a statement he believes there are inaccuracies in the results but his legal team doesn't believe there are enough votes to change the outcome it was the most expensive congressional race in history. no word yet on whether allen west believes his opponent will join the fabled communist caucus. >> that's a good question. in business news, markets look to rebound after stocks finished relatively flat
, oh, mike huckabee saying if you don't vote for mitt romney you're going to hell. never said that. never said romney. never said obama. >> jon: there's a pretty good connection between that and hell >> no there's not. 1 corinthians chapter 10, read it jon. it talks about that our works are put through the test of fire just like you would put metal in the forge and that's what was the imagery >> jon: but you narrowed your works to two things: pro-life and antigay marriage. >> not antigay marriage. there's a difference between anti-something and if you're for something >> jon: what are you for marriage is a biblical model jon: the biblical model is polygamy. >> no, jon. adam and eve. polygamy came much later than that and later was repudiated >> jon: the people in the bible redefined >> jesus said a shall leave his mother and father and the woman will leave her home and the two shall become one >> jon: isn't it the height of man's arrogance to presume what jesus would vote for down the line as a value? this is my point. we can come on and have a conversation. when i see that and i g
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's next. >>> big questions for the gop following mitt romney's big loss. the republican soul-searching is getting serious. a naval gaze of all naval gazes. and chairman ben bernanke on the fiscal cliff. well, if it isn't mr. margin. mr. margin? don't be modest, bob. you found a better way to pack a bowling ball. that was ups. and who called ups? you did, bob. i just asked a question. it takes a long time to pack a bowling ball. the last guy pitched more ball packers. but you... you consulted ups. you found a better way. that's logistics. that's margin. find out what else ups knows. i'll do that. you're on a roll. that's funny. i wasn't being funny, bob. i know. just unroll it, fill, top, bake, and present. that must have taken you forever! it was really tough. [ female announcer ] pillsbury pie crust. let the making begin since ameriprise financial was founded back in 1894, they've been committed to putting clients first. helping generations through tough times. good times. never taking a bailout. there when you need them. helping millions of americans over the centuries. the
total $465 billion. that's the mitt romney rate at 15% when you make a lot of money. the democrats want to change that. that's what the president campaigned on. the president is going to go out on the road and he's going to sell this. there was a clear distinction between the president and challenger. america has chosen the president. if republicans want to go against the tide, it's going to cost them in 2014. as a politician, you have to look at this. where is the country? but if you listen to rand paul. the ideolouges are still out and they are going to fight tooth and nail. it's time for liberals to realize the results, hold the line and don't back down. get your cell phones out, i want to know what you think tonight. tonight's question, who will americans punish for failing to reach a deal? text a for democrats, b for republicans to 622639. you can go to our blog and leave a comment. we'll bring the results later on the show. let's bring in senator bernie sanders. good to have you with us tonight. i have taken a couple phone calls already from democrats telling me there's no perfect
-go, from the primary governor romney would've been competitive and it would've been competitive in those battleground states where the latino vote was decisive. and, finally, we have to stop being rockefeller republicans. we are not the party of the 47%. you know, when governor romney said what he did last week that obama won because it gives to latinos and other minorities, that's insulting. latinas didn't vote for obama because obamacare. i think he is engaging obama in the same type of class warfare discussion that obama wants to have. i think we have to go back to the conservative populism of ronald reagan, which is to talk about the economy. but i would say something is. romney only emphasized -- very quickly. we cannot run only on an economic message. we have the full conservatives on social issues, on the national security, and on the economy. spent and aspirational. aspirational a mechanism where you are free to go as far as you want to go and to do what you want to do. and you are right about the hispanic community, especially they are very and trunk -- entrepreneurial. guess wh
call today or visit your local walgreens. >>> it would appear mitt romney has moved on from the election, the 47% and his post-election comments to donors about gifts the president handed out to voters. here he is at disneyland looking like the terminator. for him the election is truly over. for his republican counterparts, here's speaker boehner on an editorial on the fiscal cliff. he makes it very clear that the battle over obama care is far from over. he says, quote, the tactics of our repeal efforts will have to change. we need to repeal obama care and enact common sense, step by step reforms that start with lowering the cost of health care. clearly speaker boehner hasn't quite accepted the fact that the president was re-elected by an overwhelming majority. nope, is he right back to defending the 1% and corporate welfare at the expense of none other than the middle class. for more, we go to joy reid, managing either of grio.com and jared bernstein. welcome to you both. >> nice to be here. >> earlier we asked you to come up with a figure, because you know i have -- like a
this is awkward. mitt romney might just wind up being part of that infamous 47%. no, not that one. the cooke political report predicts when the final votes from maryland, new york are t l tallied up, governor romney will come up with 47% of the vote. who did the best job of dealing with super storm sandy, a new poll of new yorkers gives praise to new jersey governor chris christie, followed by president obama, new york governor and drooi cuomo and mayor michael bloomberg. sources say joe kennedy iii, robert kennedy's grandson will tie the knot with lauren birchfield. and meet the turkeys being pardoned and pam pefr perampere. they're spending the day at a swanky hotel, and then the president will pardon one of them. peta calls the pardon of turkeys misleading since the turkeys didn't do anything wrong. >>> last night south carolina congressman james clyburn talked about the credentials of susan rice, and he told reverend al sharpton that rice is qualified to be secretary of state. >> this lady is as qualified as anybody that's ever served in government. and i think that it's time for these
that much more clearly now with efforts to take power failed. if romney won, we wouldn't be saying this, but they were living in a sealed universe where before the election, you had, again, not just romney partsons, but those watching too much fox, should be held accountable, george lill, michael barone, dick morris -- >> is trey here? wrote a good piece -- >> john martin wrote a piece in "politico," and in 1972, pauline living in manhattan, a great film critic -- >> how could nixon -- >> i only know one person who voted for him and carried every state but massachusetts. i think something like that, less extreme version because obama didn't do as well as nix nixon, but something like that was going on with serious people. i had a bet with a conservative radio talk show host who bought me dinner in new york, that he nows owes me, that romney would win with more than 330 votes. >> ron, to get back to the main subject of what we learned about obama, one of more thesis in "confidence men," and then an op-ed piece five or six days ago is that obama did not mobilize his awemy of supporters we
for president in the 21st century. both bush, mccain and romney, none of them took the position. said that simply says those in the tea party and far right are in the tea party and the far right and have not infiltrated to mainstream thinking even in the republican party. >> that goes back to what mr. marc fauntroy said in termsf investment and not just focus on it as spending. >> i just want to pick up on janet's point with regard to speaker boehner. he may well be the most important person in all these conversations. the huskies to get that to a team. we talk about these broad bipartisan approaches. the reality is we went through this with the affordable care act. so over the course -- [inaudible] >> its members. it's not. we know going back from that newt gingrich became speaker come in the house is generally run like this. no bill they can't get a majority of the maturity will see the floor of the house. now if speaker boehner decided that i don't have the majority of my own caucus, but i have a critical enough mass to put a pill in place that will settle this to get us to move on
for mitt romney? >> i am not sure when that moment was. when i thought we were going to win was a few days before when the early voting numbers look good for us. >> you thought it long before the election. i know that. [laughter] >> but i was pretty sure -- >> how long? could he have one after the first debate or where the forces in motion? >> sure, absolutely he could have one. -- won. it was competitive the entire way. i think governor romney could have one up until the end. i always believe in the fundamental truth, we were building the best grass roots campaign in modern political history. we had the best candidate and the best message. >> in a way, the story of this election is the degree to which replicated the 2008 results. many people thought that 2008 was a once-in-a-lifetime result. you came very close to replicating it. i think the most fascinating statistic is african-americans in ohio, 11% of the electorate, 15% this time. you found 200,000 more african- american voters who turned out for you. mitt romney lost the state by 103,000. that was the election, right there. finding t
in november. mitt romney had a campaign plane, secret service detail and motorcades just weeks ago. he was spotted pumping his own gas in california today. looking unlike the man we saw on the campaign trail. he later showed up at disneyland. earlier in the week, he took his wife ann to the twilight movie, later to sammy's pizza. a local place. on the up side he has his life and family life back, after most of six years spent pursuing the presidency. >>> those looking to rent a car at the last minute as part of thanksgiving travels could be out of luck in parts of the country hit by sandy. the storm destroyed a lot of rental cars. to say nothing of family cars, buses, police cars, fire trucks. the rental companies say the shortage is in the thousands. >>> just about every obituary you will read about former senator warren rudman will contain the word feisty. that's for good reason. he preferred the label crotchety new englander. he died today, the new hampshire republican was best known for graham rudman, the act that was meant to force the feds to balance the budget. he was a korean w
person afraid to come here intimidated by all of you. asset protection. classic mitt romney, capitalism; -- [indiscernible] he is going to say look at all the cab driver butt i kicked, vote for me. on the city street if you saw a bully robbing a kid you would interven or call 911. i wish this were a secret vote. you would not get a vote. we know how you will vote. you would know how you will say to the lowest paid workers in the city, go to hell. prove me wrong. i would love to come back here and apologize. >> [indiscernible] >> i am not a taxicab driver. this whole business of the medallions is a broken promise; they signed on to be taxidrivers with the hope of having a medallion. now, all of you on this board - i am sure receive retirement benefits. their promise to you. if they were denied to you you would go to court; you would be very angry more angry than these people in this room. if you are going to pass this resolution i think all of you should give up your retirement benefits, sign them over, and put them in the mta fund don't take a tax deduction. you have to make
and then a republican operative who ran mitt romney's super pac. they're going to bring in big donors and give cover to republicans who will support sensible immigration reform. sensible in their minds of course. but here, it takes big donors to make the super pacs go. it will take big donors to provide the political cover. so yeah, in a way, you have donors stepping up and trying to dictate the forward course for the republican party. >> jennifer: do you think that it is a long-term recovery strategy? is the leadership genuinely interested in fresh ideas do you think? >> the leadership is interested in whatever is going to grow their party. whatever is going to make their tent bigger and whatever is going to beat the democratic presidential candidate the democratic senate candidates in elections in years to come. i think that they realize from john boehner the speaker of the house to mitch mcconnell somewhat in the senate. on down, that the kinds of extreme policies that we saw in the republican primary, mitt romney, rick san
% of the ads for personal attacks. romney gives people cancer. that kind of stuff. not morning in america not didn't i do a good job or here's my plan for the future here's my entitlement reform. the republicans actually voted for and vote for a real budget score by cbo twice with virtually every republican voting for it in the house. the house is the body that it actually went through and they did it more than once. so they made it clear where they were going. obama ran against romney because he was going to raise taxes. so, the president won the mandate not to beat romney for the next four years because he gives people cancer and is a bad person and is mean to dogs. he didn't make the case for what he wants to do, he didn't spend time on that in either defending his record or making the case for the next four years would look like other than that he would be a bad person. the deadlock or gridlock is better than moving in the wrong direction. it's been a big direction the last years in the of administration. and we talk about presidential leadership. we are going to have a certain amount
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